We respect our customers and believe that the cost of services should be clear from the start. That’s why we
right away
indicate the typical cost of repair.

If the cost of repair can greatly depend on the cost of spare parts, then such items are marked.

Prices for laptop and phone repair

Laptop Repair
Standard diagnostics 0 zł
Standard diagnostics (in case of failure to repair) 60 zł
Reinstalling a Windows system with drivers and programs 90 zł
Reinstall MacOS or Linux 140 zł
Operating System Recovery 180 zł
Removing a password from the system 60 zł
Disk data recovery *100-4000 zł
Secure Data Deletion 60 zł
Replacing a drive with SSD  240GB (with system installation) 290 zł
Replacing a drive with SSD 480GB (with system installation) 390 zł
Cleaning the cooling system (replacing thermal grease, cleaning the fan and radiators) 90 zł
Macbook cooling system cleaning (replacing thermal paste, cleaning fan and heatsinks) 140-190 zł
Fan replacement and cooling system cleaning *130-280 zł
Notebook cleaning after flooding 180-220 zł
Password reset with BIOS 160 zł
Replacing the charging port
*120-140 zł
USB port replacement 140 zł
Motherboard repair *150-500 zł
Motherboard replacement *290-700 zł
Laptop Screen Replacement – Regular Matrix *260-480 zł
Laptop Screen Replacement – Touch Matrix *400-700 zł
Matrix cable replacement *170-280 zł
Case repair 120 zł
Case replacement *180-340 zł
Keyboard repair after flooding 160 zł
Modular keyboard replacement *100-260 zł
One-piece keyboard replacement *240-480 zł


Phone repair
Replacing the charging port
*120-140 zł
Battery replacement *100-160 zł
Screen replacement *200-560 zł
Repair iPhone
IPhone 6 – 8 Battery replacement 130-180 zł
IPhone 6 – 8 Screen replacement 190-280 zł

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