Laptop repair - what we do well

we give a guarantee for the work performed

Key Notebook Repair Services

which we provide:


We will perform a competent diagnosis of your laptop or computer to identify all problems.

Preventative maintenance

We will clean the cooling system and internal components to restore the required temperature.

System installation

Install the new Windows or Linux operating system with data saving.

Cleaning up virus programs

We scan and remove spyware and virus programs.

Recovery of information from computer memory

Recover deleted or damaged information on your hard drive.

Drive Replacement

Replace the obsolete hard drive with a new generation of SSD.

Screen replacement and repair

Replace or repair the damaged matrix.

Recovery of flooded laptops

We will carry out a set of works on cleaning the flooded laptop.

Motherboard recovery

Restore functionality or replace the motherboard.

Additional services

  1. 1. Restore your operating system
  2. 2. Installing Anti-Virus
  3. 3. Install and configure various programs
  4. 4. Repair or replace a fan
  5. 5. Repairing the laptop case
  6. 6. Replacing or restoring the keyboard
  7. 7. Replacing the laptop battery
  8. 8. Replacing the matrix loop
  9. 9. Repair or replace the laptop’s power supply
  10. 10. Replacing the connectors on the board

Phone Repair Services

which we provide:
  1. 1. Software Repair
  2. 2. Battery Replacement
  3. 3. Replacing the chassis
  4. 4. Replacing the charging connector
  5. 5. Replacing a damaged screen

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